Starcraft Probe Art Direction

VFX Art Direction for Starcraft Legacy of the Void Protoss Probe.
Creating a Photoreal version of an already existing game asset has always been a fun challenge. Some lines must remain true to original aesthetics while other proportions need to be addressed to convey believable weight and such.

I also had the chance to direct and photograph the human stand in model for scale references and such. Always great fun to mix all medias...

The incredible modeling work of Chung Kang alongside Jongha Balik's leading Surfacing work. Lighting supervision by Dan Cox & Surfacing Supervision by Mike Sandrik.

untitled turntable 1ksq comp

PROBE Final Pass Surfacing v0031

PROBE Final Pass Surfacing v0030

PROBE Final Pass Surfacing v0025p

PROBE Final Model Modeling v00014

PROBE Final Model Modeling v00013

PROBE Final Model Modeling v0006