Avatar Mako Sub

The Avatar MAKO Sub “Look Development” comp image as seen in the Behind The Scene of “Avatar the Way of Water”…

This incredible team effort and process was orchestrated by Production Designer Ben Procter which really did an impressive job of making the most of everyone on the team.

The 3D Concept/Design work was a collaboration between Sr. Designer Fausto DeMartini and Sr. Designer Joe Huira, who together, managed to create some of the finest 3D Geometry I have had the chance to work on to date.

Big congrats to the team over at WETA digital for the final Visual Effect version, which truly looked phenomenal on the big screen.

The practical extent of build model (EOB), equally impressive especially in person, was realized over at Wild Factory under the leadership oversight of Supervising Art Director Luke Freeborn.

The images above were rendered in Keyshot 10 at the time which was given to me to beta test by Henrik Wann Jensen over at Luxion. Keyshot’s Light Manager and Render Queue were essential towards batching renders over night with 100s of different camera and lighting configuration.

A big thanks to Douglas Brooks over at Apple for giving me the opportunity to beta test the iMac Pro and Mac Pro on these very complex and heavy scene files, which really helped out making the creative process fast and intuitive.

And lastly, a very special thanks to Mr. James Cameron and Mr. Jon Landau for creating such endeavors and giving me the chance to have a small part in it.