Starcraft II | Pylon Concept

Some Concept Art I had the chance to complete with-in my capacity of VFX Art Director on Starcraft II Legacy of the void about the Protoss Pylon.

The essence was drafted right out of Maya and ZBrush. A few passes were saved out to offer the surfacing team some ideas regarding how to approach refracted crystal facets.

Some step by step paintings were also created to share with the FX team some ideas on how the Pylon could teleport, or appear in the scene. The idea was that a black hole would be created by the Protoss Probe, generating a portal allowing for the pylon to teleport from one location another, creating a dust sucking vacuum. One the hole open, light waves would carry the agitated matter across, for the particle to regroup later on into burning hot Pylon...

Also had the chance to shoot the stand-in character, McCall Jones as "Nova".