Marvelous Designer Bullet Proof Vest Study

Spent some time studying Marvelous Designer further but also the new, incredible "RealCloth" Shader in Keyshot 9.
Thanks to Hendrik Wann and the team over at Keyshot for their guidance and support. Its really amazing how open they are to artist feedback and how truly knowledgeable they are about image computing.

The complexity of the garment and sim is quite heavy. Something I could never been able to complete on my other computer but thanks Apple and the new MacPro 2020, which chewed through this thing no problem. It really allowed me to "keep going" and add more pieces, more stitches, more folds and basically assemble the vest pretty close to how the real thing is put together.

I still have a few items in MD and KS I'm trying to wrap my head around but definitely fun stuff.
To be continued…