Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Zealot Art Direction

Some of the development work I had the chance to oversee while given the role of VFX Art Director of the latest Starcraft II Cinematic "Legacy of the Void".

The Zealot Protoss warrior was one of the main character in this episode and therefore had to be resolved for closeup shots and also presented under a few different variations. The idea of having one of the warrior to wear a face mask was proposed by Sam Didier and further developed by Senior Concept Designer Josh Tallman.

The updated body was redesigned by Anthony Jones who delivered above expectations on all aspect of the production. His final design was modeled by Digital Modeler Boyang Zhu under a stellar turnaround time. The final surfacing and look dev work was completed by Surfacing Artist Nathan Boyd and overseen by Surfacing Supervisor Mike Sandrik, who clearly delivered a home run.

The other grey head bust sculpt was developed by myself and so as the body suite and eye glow effect.