Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Hydralisk Art Direction

Some VFX Art Direction Paintovers I had the chance to complete while given the role of VFX Art Director on Blizzard's Starcraft II Video Game Cinematic Trailer, "Legacy of the void".

In this Cinematic, this Zerg creature known as a “Hydralisk" was going to be seen taking a blow from an opponent armed with a blade like weapon. The Art Direction provided was in regards of the creature's chest wound and other overall surfacing aspects.

Aside from designing the wound, some details were painted around the mouth area to provide direction to the surfacing team for close up specific shots.

In the story, before getting slashed, the creature emerges from the ground. Some dirt and twigs were painted as a reference for the FX and debris simulation team to consider.

This digital model was originally sculpted by Eddie Kim and Kenson Yu and textured by Sam Alecia under Mike Sandrik’s supervision.