Starcraft II | Zealot Eye FX Concept

A digital paint over I had the opportunity to collaborate on while given the role of VFX Art Director on Blizzard's Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Cinematic.

The items this painting had to resolve were three things, the look of the eyes themselves, an alternate smokey eye version and a face eye mask skin tone variation to introduce differences through a group of zealots.

To properly convey the eye design idea, I thought presenting the character in a single side light scenario could showcase the eyes when in shadow (Screen Left), and when hit by keylight (Screen Right) in one lighting scheme.

Since the silhouette of the character in this particular render was rather sharp and of a high contrast against the background, I decided to have the face emerge from a fog so that highest point of sharpness and contrast are reserved for the eye area, the focus of this image.